Махер Бсаибес Прет-а-порте Осень-Зима 2011-2012 <а хреф="хттп://ввв.старчфоундатион.орг/" цласс="спип_оут" рел="ехтернал">Старч Фоундатион
Big collar blouse in wool with an open back. Narrow short skirt in cotton piqué.
Sober spirit
Blouse in crepe silk. Fitted pants in cotton piqué.
Inspiring sleep
Sweater in knit with stoup collar.
Dreamy attitude
Short dress in wool with open back.
Subtle ray
Body in cotton jersey. Long narrow skirt in crepe silk.
Soul mate
Short dress in wool gabardine with sleeves and neckline stoup in back.
Ephemeral light
Body in cotton jersey. Tulip skirt in crepe of wool creased.
Fragile Spark
Coat in taffetas silk with an imaginary collar. Jacket version is available.
Fragrance hope
Short dress in crepe silk with imaginary folds in the back.
Unexpected path
Body in cotton jersey. Pants in crepe silk with pleats/
Winter dawn
Short dress in taffetas silk with an imaginary closing in the back.
Original sin
Body in cotton jersey. Long skirt in crepe silk.
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